SXT1000 Turbo electric scooter



You are asking yourself - Aren't all escooters the same?!... No, they are not!

SXT Scooters are different. Due to their lightweight structure of 45 kg only they can be taken with you nearly everywhere. If you want to take them with you on the bus, train, camper or on your boat, is not a problem! SXT Scooters can be taken almost to any place you want to because there will always be some space for the folded scooter which is quite small and compact. The scooter frame is made out of high quality steel pipes that make the scooter very stable and warp resistant. An additional reason why SXT Scooters are ultra-compact is that contrary to many other scooters the handle bar can be folded down easily just by unlocking the folding lever and folding down the handle bar. When being folded down the handle bar gets locked and can be used to carry the scooter from A to B or to the boot of your car for example. Unfolding of the scooter is equally easy and within a few seconds your SXT scooter is ready to go. At the side of the body you'll find a kickstand for a comfortable storage when being unused.

Another chief attraction is a removable saddle of SXT scooters. The saddle can be removed just within seconds which allows you to ride the scooter with or without it.

What about the driving comfort?! The SXT Scooters' saddle is human-engineered and in comparison with many other scooters it has a wider and much more comfortable seating area in order to guarantee comfortable long distance rides. SXT scooters are also equipped with three shock absorbers – one located in the front and two at the backside of the scooter. Thanks to the air inflated tires the driving comfort is really superior and it doesn’t really differ from a "normal" scooter. Even when you drive at a higher speed SXT scooter always feels safe and comfortable.


Each SXT 1000 Turbo model has a lightening system with low power consumption LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The front light is assembled at the handle bar tube, the back and brake lights can be found at the rear mudguard. Lifetime of a LED is up to 10.000 hours and they do have extremely low power consumption.

To all who are afraid of falling to the side when driving – don’t worry about this! The SXT scooters battery is assembled inside the lowest point of the body meaning that the scooters do have a super low balance point which makes falling over nearly impossible and also supports and guarantees best possible driving comfort.

The brakes of the SXT 1000 Turbo model are disc brakes at the front and backside of the scooter. All needed parts for maintenance of the break system are available as separate spare parts of course. In order to let other people recognize that you are to stop or get slower there is also a brake light included in the rear LED of the scooter.

Breaking force of both disc brakes can be adjusted individually at the break lever at the handle bar. In order to guarantee the best possible effectiveness and also to avoid overheating of the discs they are slotted. The whole break system consists out of high quality components only to assure high safety standard and trustworthiness when using the brakes.

SXT e-scooters are accelerated in the same way as every other scooter or motorcycle by using the throttle at the right-hand side of the handle bar. Also at the handle bar there is a starter lock to protect the scooter from being used from non-authorized people. The start lock has two possible positions - when turned to mode I, the scooter is ready to drive - when turned to mode II, the lights at the front & back are also activated - exactly the same way as it works on motorcycles.

At the right hand side of the handle bar there is a Turbo- / ECO mode button. This button works as follows: when being activated the max. engine output is limited to approximately 650 Watt, which lets the scooter go slower but more economically in regards of the total range you can go with the battery (up to 32 km). When the ECO button is not activated the scooter goes with the full power of 1280 Watt engine input power and the maximum distance is up to 12 km, but with a maximum speed of approx. 38 km/h.

The battery of SXT scooters are loaded by the standard charger that you will get along with your delivery - it looks similar to a notebook charger. At the right side of the scooter lower body there is a charging plug that has to be connected with the charger, which means you do not have to remove batteries nor have you to unplug them to be able to reload them. As soon as the LED at the loading control built in the charger changes to green, the batteries are fully loaded and the scooter is ready for the next run.

Charge level indication while driving works as follows: at the right side of the handle bar and above the Turbo- / ECO mode button there are three coloured LEDs which display the current charge level of the scooter's battery. Those LEDs also work as an error diagnostic system and there you should be able to notice any problem with the scooter. You can recognize the type of the error according to which LED is flashing or which is lighted. Such signals can mean errors with the engine, batteries or the control unit for example.

Technical details:

Weight (without batteries)   32 kg
Battery weight   13,2 kg
Battery type   Lead acid 36 V (3 x 12V/ 12 ah)
operating costs per 100 km   approx. 0,50 €
Max. speed   up to 32 km/h
Engine output   1000 Watt
Engine output in ECO mode   approx. 650 Watt
Max. input power   1280 Watt
Range (max. engine output)   up to 15 km
Range (in ECO mode)   up to 25 km
Max. payload   120 kg
Suspension type   fromt & rear shock absorbers
Lightening   LED at front and rear side
Break light   yes
Power transmission   chain
Break type   front & rear disc brakes
Wheelbase   96 cm
Chassis clearance   13 cm
Height, length, width of footboard   27 cm / 48 cm / 25 cm
Saddle height (min / max)   76 cm / 90 cm from floor
Handle bar height   110 cm from floor
Tires   Ø 26 cm / width 8 cm


IMPORTANT NOTE!!! SXT 1000 Turbo model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations.

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